Sambar Powder


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Sambar Powder:

A simple sambar powder with a tremendous punch! A little powder goes a long way. A very versatile powder that can also be used in various other dishes. My MIL has a long story of how she obtained this particular recipe. Will post her interesting story later on. All I can say is, this particular dish can be traced back to atleast 120 years back!! No wonder, it’s a timeless recipe with a priceless taste.


150 gm red chilies, about 15 whole red chilies

150 gm Dania, corainder seeds, 3 cups

50 gm menthi, ¼ cup

75 gm Oil, 5 Tbsp


Dry roast methi seeds until almost black. Remove.

Add oil, remove stems from red chilies and add to oil.

The pan should always be on simmer.

Once red chilies are changing color to bright red, add dania and fry for a couple of minutes.

Remove contents to a plate and let cool.

Mix all ingredients and blend them coarsely.


Methi is fenugreek seeds. It has a lot of medicinal value and a pungent taste.

The powder tastes best when it is a little coarse, not absolutely smooth.

Add turmeric according to your spice tolerance to enhance antioxidant value of given spices. About 5 Tbsp.

For a taste of Udipi Sambar, or Kannada style flavor, add a little Cinnamon stick, 2 inches before grinding.

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Channa dhal too shd be added on to that recipe of sambar powder !!

This recipe is our staple sambar powder. We never add any dals to it. It’s a simple powder with great taste. I know it sounds a little different with no dals whatsoever, but it works beautifully.

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